Dear members and friends of ROC-NY:

As you may know, ROC-United (a national organization that is a separate legal entity from us) had approached ROC-NY about a potential merger. We decided to give this matter full consideration, but merging with ROC-United is a big decision – one that we do not take lightly. It would mean dissolving our legal status as an independent organization, and so we tried our very best to carefully navigate it.

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We are proud of our history, reputation, and victories. For 12 years as a grassroots, member-led organization, we have been able to quickly respond to the needs of New York City restaurant workers, from stopping exploitation in our local eateries to distributing tens of thousands of dollars to the NYC restaurant worker community affected by Hurricane Sandy. We know that our work has changed the lives of restaurant workers all across our City.With ROC-NY’s Board of Directors, members, and staff, we deliberated about what would be best for us as an organization and, most importantly, what would be best for restaurant workers in New York City.

With the principles of self-determination and worker empowerment at the core of our values, we tried to reach a reasonable and mutually beneficial agreement with ROC-United. But ROC-United demanded that we sign an agreement that would have required us to violate NY State laws, and when we declined to sign, ROC-United shut down communications and severed ties with us.

We are saddened by this outcome. But ROC-NY is still here as an independent, local organization. We are committed to building a movement by and for restaurant workers in New York City. We remain committed to our members. And our important work to transform the restaurant industry in NYC will not stop.

We appreciate all the love and support, and we hope that you will continue to #StandWithROCNY.

In Solidarity,