Workplace Justice

Workplace Justice: Building Worker Power

ROC-NY works to build power and win justice among restaurant workers who face exploitative and abusive workplaces. Through a combination of worker organizing and leadership, litigation, and public pressure, ROC-NY has won back wages and discrimination claims for restaurant workers across the City in addition to other important workplace policy changes that directly improve conditions.

Our Workplace Justice Committee is made up of members who provide support for our organizing work and help educate other workers about the need to take collective action in order to change conditions in the restaurant industry.  Members learn organizing skills and gain knowledge about labor law.  The Workplace Justice Committee is an opportunity for restaurant workers to play a vital role in building a vibrant workers' movement for social change. For more information, or to join the Workplace Justice Committee, email



Current Campaigns

DignityatDarden2 In 2012, we joined our first nationwide campaign with other ROCs to challenge Darden Restaurants, Inc., which owns such popular brands as The Capital Grille, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster.  Darden, the world's largest full-service restaurant group, with over 1,900 restaurants, made more than half a billion dollars in profits in 2012.  And while Darden's CEO is paid a handsome sum of over $8.5 million in annual salary, Darden’s workers earn low wages, have alleged racial discrimination and wage theft, don't get paid sick days, go years without raises, and have been retaliated against for organizing. ROC-NY members who work at The Capital Grille are rising up to improve working conditions and fight illegal practices.  To find out more about the campaign, visit

Here in NYC, we stage monthly actions outside the Capital Grille.  Check out some photos and video below:


Get Involved!
To sign the petition in support of Dignity at Darden, click here.  To get involved or to get details about our next action, please email our organizer at